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As some of you know Andy has a weekly radio show called the Night Train on Boogaloo Radio. Over a series of weeks Andy recorded a variety of covers chosen by his listeners originally called the "Crofty Covers" section of the show. 


Not liking to waste music, Andy has decided to compile all of these songs plus a few extras into one album to be released digitally on Colorama Records. 


"The songs are raw and very minimal. Some songs have more dubs than others but in general it is what it is including coughs squeaky chairs etc. This certainly isn't anything to do with my debut solo album its just a bit of fun that I wanted to share".


The album is to be officially released 2nd March and available from all digital platforms. Check out the album sampler video below and the full length God Only Knows exclusive to this website until release.


In the meantime you can pre order yours now.

INFO: Apple have set all iPhones to automatically go to apple music when pressing pre order links which is a pain! 

So please go to your iTunes Store app on your iOS phone and search Andy Crofts to find the pre order link.

However the direct pre order link does work on other phones and your desktop so if your are sat behind your computer you can click this pre order link now.