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Image of the Andy Crofts 'Live at the 100 Club' piece

Andy Crofts 'Live at the 100 Club'

In an eagerly awaited musical event, Andy Crofts is set to release his latest album, 'Live at the 100 Club,' featuring the accompaniment of The Lunar String Quartet. Music enthusiasts can mark their calendars for November 10th, when this exceptional album will be available on limited edition red/blue transparent vinyl and all major digital platforms.

'Live at the 100 Club' captures the magic of Andy Crofts' dynamic performance at the historic 100 Club, renowned for its pivotal role in the British music scene. With his distinct blend of rock, pop, and orchestral elements, Crofts takes audiences on a sonic journey unlike any other.

1. Chinese Whispers
2. Sometimes
3. The Old Brigade
4. How Long?
5. Sleep
6. Westway
7. Far Away
8. Maybe I’m The Perfect Man (For You)
9. English Summer
10. Wondering
11. The Lone Wolf
12. Isolation
13. Jennifer (Sits Alone)
14. An Ordinary Romance

Available to purchase here 


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