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Wasteland at The Albion Rooms

The Albion Rooms, famously owned by the band The Libertines is a Hotel, Restaurant, Bar, Recording Studio and Music & Arts Venue. The Albion Rooms is an amazingly supportive establishment for artists, regardless of their discipline and hosts regular & varied events, it also has a great kitchen and bar.

The fully fitted bar and outdoor area is named ‘The Waste Land’ and was named after the poem by T S Eliot, which is widely regarded as one of the most important poems of the 20th Century, published in 1922. Eliot worked on the poem in Margate, during a long period, whilst recuperating from the effects of mental and physical fragility.
Whilst Andy’s painting is named ‘Wasteland’ not ‘The Waste Land’ there were so many artistic ‘connections’ that the placement of ‘Wasteland’ in The Arcady Lounge at The Albion Rooms seemed that “it just had to happen”. 

Andy is really proud to have Wasteland on display in The Albion Rooms and has thanked the Libertines, the Albion Room's staff and his team for making this happen.

The Albion Rooms website is

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