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Bid for #1 of 250

'Wasteland' will be released on 4th April 2022 as a 12"x12" limited edition of 250 prints, each will be individually numbered, titled and signed by Andy Crofts, however...

Here's your chance to bid for number 1 of 250 whilst supporting Tonic Music for Mental Health*.

To bid for number 1 of 250 please use our 'Contact' form, title your response 'Bid', complete your details and let us know your bid. The highest bid will receive number 1/250 and will then donate the amount of their bid to Tonic.

The original painting 'Wasteland' is proudly displayed in the Arcady Lounge at The Albion Rooms in Margate. The #1 limited edition giclee print, on 314gsm fine art media, is also on show in The Albion Rooms, see it in The Waste Land bar.

Steph Langan, Tonic Music for Mental Health Founder & CEO states, "We are so incredibly thankful to Andy and the Albion Rooms for their support of Tonic Music for Mental Health. Not only is this highlighting our charity but also addressing the need to normalise conversations around mental health. The sealed bid auction is greatly appreciated by us and all proceeds will aid to help keeping all our programmes and services free.”

*Tonic Music for Mental Health is a charity based on the south coast of England. They raise mental health awareness, challenge stigma and promote mental wellbeing through music and the arts. They have a proud history and have helped many isolated and vulnerable people in various communities.
Tonic Rider is a new programme from the registered charity Tonic Music for Mental Health providing music
industry-specific mental health support with vital psychoeducational training, emotional support, a wide range of online training courses, support groups and taught workshops. These free services support music industry professionals with their own mental health, as well as teaching the skills required to help others.