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'The Resistance' donated to War Child

Andy has painted "The Resistance" (link here), a 1500mm x 1000mm framed canvas using acrylic and has donated this piece to War Child.

Andy is encouraging art lovers who connect with the piece to throw their support behind it. All proceeds will go to War Child’s work with children affected by recent events in Ukraine.

War Child says 10.7 million children in Ukraine are caught up in a terrifying, escalating crisis. Many have been forced from their homes and have had to leave loved ones behind. Desperate families are already stranded at the borders with just the possessions they could carry. Food, water and the means to stay warm could soon disappear.

War Child teams are already on the ground working to understand the impact on children and get them vital aid and psychological care, fast. The charity is supporting local volunteer and non-governmental organisations who operate in the border regions of Ukraine, providing the specialist, humanitarian knowledge to protect and support children and their families. 

Andy Crofts said: “I watch the news all the time and wish I didn't. I needed to do something as I constantly feel so helpless and keep seeing so much suffering. 

I have played, with Weller, for War Child several times and applaud what War Child do, they are the only charity who solely specialise in protecting children in conflict, they get straight in and help, so I want to try to help them.

I painted 'The Resistance' with the plan to sell it and give the money to War Child, but the plans have grown as the immediate support and interest has been amazing.

My art manager, Cary Wright, contacted War Child and within two days, and a lot of effort and support, the plan was formed. ‘The Resistance’ will now be auctioned online with all proceeds going to War Child.
We need your help to achieve maximum exposure to ensure that 'The Resistance' raises as much money as possible to help the children caught up in this appalling conflict. We are looking to find that one spectacular person who wants to help and loves the artwork.”

Rob Williams, CEO of War Child UK, said: “We’re so grateful to Andy for donating his time and incredible creativity to help us be there for children in conflict.

War Child started as a response to Bosnia. There is every chance that this conflict might become just as devastating to children as the conflict in the Balkans through the 90s. 

We aim to reach children as early as possible when conflict breaks out and stay to support them through their recovery – so we could not be more appreciative of Andy’s generosity. Conflict rates are soaring across the world, and we have never been more concerned for children. 

At this worrying time, public donations are vital in enabling us to mobilise quickly – and right now public donations made to War Child will go towards our emergency fund to help us support the crisis in Ukraine, and other conflicts around the world.”

‘The Resistance’ will go on auction on Charity Stars from 18th March to 10th April with a starting price of £2,000. Check out the listing here